Black Hills, South Dakota

Bio: I'm an outdoor lovin' girl from the Black Hills of SD. While I enjoy exploring the trails in the Hills with my gorgeous Siberian Husky, Oliver, I'm also a fan of snuggling in for an episode of Once Upon A Time with my husband. We love hosting college students in our home and often the decor reflects the upcoming holidays. I'm particularly fond of decorating for Christmas, plus I love snow, mochas, all things winter, and most especially, Frozen! (Do you wanna build a snowman?) Since 1999, I have worked in full-time ministry with Campus Ventures, a discipleship based college ministry. I love what I do a lot! I get to hang out with college students nearly all the time, and have the privilege of speaking into their lives, helping guide the major (and not so major) decisions of their lives. And now, as of September 23, 2015, I'm a mom!! Aurora Autumn Rose Lewis is the joy of our hearts and I'm sure the subject of blogs to come!

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Discipleship is an art. Guidelines are quite beneficial, but each person's journey of discipleship is unique. Join me, and guest bloggers, as we explore the art of discipleship, from the basics to the deep, plus a few tidbits of life along the way.

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